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Frequently Asked Questions

movers packers onlineFrequently Asked Questions

Why is insurance required if professional packing service is being provided?

Movers and packers work crew provides customers with the best professional service. However, we do not have control over the unanticipated risk of accidents and natural disasters which can hamper the moving process. In order to minimize the risk of accident insurance of your belongings is required.

How will I know when my freight will be delivered to my destination?

The driver of the chosen company will call you before the delivery, which can be within 12-24 hours. Additionally, a customer service representative will be assigned to you by the selected company and they will update you with the location and delivery date of your belongings.

What the methods of payment and how should I pay?

According to the quotation provision payment need to be done earlier. You can use online transaction along with credit/debit cards for payment. The companies have various payment options for the customers and you can select one of them according to your ease.

Can the packers and movers company hold the shipment at the required destination for a week? If yes, then what are the charges?

Yes, the company can hold the consignment depending on the situation. The visiting officer of the company will address your query.

What arrangements do you provide for shifting consignment to international locations?

We have tied up with separate companies to handle international bookings. The relevant companies ensure international standards of packing. The delivery process is customized as per the environment and conditions of the deporting city. We have sufficient tie-ups with companies in each country.

Is any preparation needed for the packing day?

Movers and packers expert team will take care of all your requirements on the day of packing.

Prior to their coming:

  • Turn off the refrigerator and defrost the freezer
  • Ensure that the washing machine is drained
  • Clean the outdoor equipments

Kindly, separate items, which you will need during travelling, like passport, money, and other valuables.

On what basis is the mode of packing selected?

The packing depends on the nature and the delicacy of the item. For example, in case of electronic items (television, Music system, and refrigerator) wooden crates are used. Cartons are used for packing other small items.

Can I move my car? If yes, then how?

Packers and movers have special vehicles to move your cars. The car will be picked from your location and will delivered to the specified address. Packers and movers are responsible for the safety, loading and unloading of your vehicle. The vehicles are moved by carriers, which are appropriate for safety carriage. Scratch resistance tapes are used to avoid scratches on your car.

Why should I choose the dealers listed on the provides customers with authentic and trustworthy Packers and Movers of their region. Well-trained crew is used by the service experts to provide quality packing and with well equipped vehicles.

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